VGM Group inks agreement with Benefits365

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group has signed an agreement with Benefits365, a company that helps HME providers convert beneficiaries to Medicare Advantage plans, according to a press release. Ron Bendell, president of VGM and Associates, says the agreement will expand the options for his members. “Benefits365’s team understands the needs of providers and the complexity of insurance plans, so they are in a unique position to help our members proactively educate beneficiaries about Medicare Advantage plans,” he stated. Benefits365 is a collaboration by Tom Ivany, who owns Youngstown, Ohio-based On-Demand Respiratory, and Tyler Poole, an experienced insurance agent. Ivany says the time is ripe for providers to educate beneficiaries about Medicare Advantage, a program he says will swell to 21 million participants by 2023, compared to 14 million in 2013. “The Congressional Budget Office further estimates Medicare will pay Advantage plans $250 billion in 2023, compared with $145 billion projected for this year,” he stated.