Study: Remote, self-monitoring improves CPAP adherence

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

DALLAS – Remote monitoring and patient self-monitoring can boost CPAP adherence to as high as 85%, according to a new study from ResMed presented at the American Thoracic Society’s ATS International Conference in Dallas. Average adherence using legacy technology with no cloud connectivity or remote monitoring capabilities is 50%. The study evaluated patients using 100% cloud-connected devices, including 4.1 million Americans (85% compliance); 31,000 Brazilians (83%); and 17,000 Mexicans (81%). “These results equate a strong endorsement for remote and self-monitoring technology,” said study coauthor and ResMed Chief Medical Officer Carlos M. Nunez, M.D. “Despite different healthcare systems, financial and social issues, patients in all three countries have reached above-average adherence rates when treated with 100% cloud-connectable PAP devices.”