Study: Diabetes Health Plan offers reduced costs

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – A two-year study from UnitedHealthcare found that Diabetes Health Plan (DHP) participants saw reduced costs compared to that of a control group, according to a press release. The study followed 620 people with diabetes for two years, examined their compliance with six key diabetes testing requirements, and found that healthcare costs for DHP patients rose at a 4% slower pace than that of the control group. In addition, the study found that disease management was more effective because of certain incentives built into the plan, including offering some diabetes supplies and diabetes-related prescription drugs at no charge, which increased adherence to treatment guidelines, the press release stated. On average, DHP participants achieved compliance with 75% of the key requirements versus 61% for people not enrolled. The compliance rate of plan participants increased 6% over the two years.