Study details important attributes in concentrators

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SOMERSET, Pa. – Failure rate is the most important attribute for homecare providers in a 5-liter oxygen concentrator, according to a recent market research study conducted by DeVilbiss Healthcare. Failure rate (36.09%) is followed by price (25.53%), warranty (19.43%), energy savings (11.05%) and maintenance tools (7.9%). “It is clear from our research that more and more providers see the value of a product that is built to last beyond just the acquisition price,” stated Wally Haddick, vice president of sales, Canada and Latin America, for DeVilbiss Healthcare. “When a manufacturer can minimize post-purchase costs, it allows the provider to focus more efficiently on what they do best—deliver oxygen therapy service.” The research is based on a poll of 29 homecare providers in Canada and Latin America using an analysis questionnaire with the support of Dr. Oded Netzer, associate professor of business at Columbia Business School in New York City.