States ramp up message: Florida, Maine

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Florida Alliance of Home Care Services recently joined forces with AAHomecare to discuss patient access issues and managed care concerns with state officials in Tallahassee. Stakeholders met with representatives from the governor’s office and the Agency for Health Care Administration. They also met with lawmakers, including Reps. Jose Oliva and Frank White. In a press release, FAHCS called the meetings “encouraging”…HOMES President and CEO Karyn Estrella and association members testified at a MaineCare public hearing on Jan. 29 regarding proposed changes to Medicaid regulations, including payment methodology. “We are concerned about the proposed implementation of the current Medicare fee schedule, since according to a recent study, these rates only cover approximately 88% of the provider’s cost,” Estrella said. “When MaineCare implemented these rates in July 2016, it led to an access problems and (the state) ultimately rescinded the rates. We have every reason to believe this will happen again.”