Sleep: It’s still not a priority, survey finds

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

AMSTERDAM – The majority of adults globally view sleep’s impact on their overall health and wellbeing to be significant, yet only 29% of them say they feel guilty for not maintaining good sleep habits. That’s compared to 49% who feel guilty for not exercising regularly and 42% for not eating healthy. The findings come from an annual survey conducted by Philips, “Better Sleep, Better Health. A Global Look at Why We’re Still Falling Short on Sleep,” that reviewed the sleep habits of 15,000 adults across 13 countries. Other findings from the survey, released ahead of World Sleep Day on March 16: 61% say they have a medical issue that impacts their sleep, with 26% saying it’s insomnia and 21% saying it’s snoring; and 77% say they have tried to improve their sleep in some way, with listening to soothing music one of the most popular at 36%.