ResMed’s Mobi now on the market

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

SAN DIEGO – ResMed’s Mobi portable oxygen concentrator is now widely available in the United States. The company says its POC offers an optimal balance of oxygen delivery, weight and battery life. “Simply put, Mobi keeps you mobile, which research shows is so important in terms of helping people with COPD lower their risk of hospitalization and early death,” said Richie McHale, president of ResMed Respiratory Care. “Mobi’s ideal balance of weight, battery life and oxygen output empowers people to stay active, and live their lives to the fullest.” ResMed is positioning its POC as one of a variety of solutions to help people manage their COPD at most stages: Mobi for people requiring oxygen therapy; and Astral and AirCurve 10 ST-A devices for cloud connected, in-home ventilation for people with severe COPD. The company plans to make Mobi available in other countries later this year, pending regulatory approval. ResMed first made a play to enter the oxygen therapy market in 2016, when it bought Austin, Texas-based Inova Labs. It introduced the Mobi in January of 2018, but the product has been under a controlled launch until now.