Philips says its Trilogy 100 saves big money

Friday, April 21, 2017

AMSTERDAM – Royal Philips says its new Trilogy 100 non-invasive ventilator can reduce hospital readmissions for COPD patients, compared to patients not using NIV or using less advanced NIV therapy, following discharge. As a result, both hospitals and payers can see a significant cost savings, Philips says. Among a study’s findings for hospitals: After examining 1,000 COPD patients being treated with a multifaceted therapy approach using the Trilogy versus no NIV treatment or less advanced NIV therapy devices, hospitals saved $1.6 million in the first 30 days and $1.8 million in 90 days. For payers, the study found: Payers studying admissions of 100,000 severe COPD patients found cumulative three-year savings of $326 million. The study was paid for by Philips.