Philips launches travel CPAP device

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Philips has released a compact, travel-ready CPAP device called the DreamStation Go. The device weighs just 1.86 pounds and comes in two models: a fixed-pressure unit called the Pro; and an Auto CPAP that is auto-titrating. “The new DreamStation Go is perfectly suited for every-day therapy, as well as for active, traveling lifestyles,” said Chris Vasta, president of The CPAP Shop, which began selling the device on April 10. DreamStation Go, which retails for $849, features a Federal Aviation Administration-approved automatic battery backup, a color swipe screen, and an integrated USB port, among others. It also connects to the DreamMapper sleep monitor app. ResMed, a competitor of Philips, received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its AirMini travel CPAP device in January. During a conference call that month to discuss its latest financial results, the company said it plans to launch the device some time before June 30. Human Design Capital, which is owned by private investment firm PBM Capital, launched a portable CPAP device called the Z1 in 2013.