Medforce launches e-signature tool

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SUFFERN, N.Y. – Medforce Technologies has launched an electronic signature tool built specifically for the healthcare industry. SignCenter allows providers to “dictate the signing experience,” Medforce says, by determining where and when a document can be signed. It allows signatures to be captured remotely or in-person, and to be executed using a keyboard, mouse or touch screen from any web-enabled device. “Most providers we talk to are still printing out forms for signature and then scanning or faxing them afterward,” said Steve Bainnson, vice president of sales for Medforce. “Paper gets lost, filled out incorrectly, requires manual data entry and causes billing errors that lead to lower reimbursement. Moving to SignCenter and implementing an electronic process adds control and visibility, increases productivity, improves compliance, and decreases time spent chasing paper.”