DME-IQ allows physicians to bring DME programs in-house

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

MIRAMAR, Fla. – NuGenerex Distribution Solutions 2, a wholly owned subsidiary of Generex Biotechnology Corp., has launched DME-IQ, a service for physicians who distribute DME from their offices. DME-IQ focuses on several key areas, including negotiating on behalf of the physicians with key vendors to decrease the cost of goods, increasing insurance collections by providing oversight of coding during the billing process, providing the necessary personnel to manage the appeals processes, and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. NuGenerex has announced its first client for DME-IQ: The Orthopaedic Center in Tulsa, Okla., which has received a proprietary, tablet-based software package that verifies patient benefits and eligibility. It also manages DME inventory; collects patient copays and deductibles; and links patient information with DME and necessary patient forms all in one platform. “Previously, we had little control over our DME program, which was managed by an outside firm that rented space in our facility,” said Justin Clary, practice administrator of The Orthopaedic Center. “We are engaging DME-IQ to provide the management services that will enable TOC to bring the DME programs in-house, and allow us to expand our inventory and services offerings with new products that meet the needs of our patients and lower our cost of goods.”