Consumers want to monitor their health, survey finds

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – More than eight out of 10 consumers believe that tracking their own health data with a clinically accurate monitoring device will help improve their overall health, according to a national survey of 1,000 respondents commissioned by The Society for Participatory Medicine and healthcare technology company Biotricity. Fifty-seven percent of consumers say they would wear monitoring devices for personal use and they would share the data those devices collect with healthcare professionals, the study found. “Increasingly, patients are actively monitoring their own health data to better self-manage their chronic diseases and collaborate with their healthcare professionals,” stated Daniel Sands, MD, MPH, co-founder and co-chair of the Society of Participatory Medicine and a practicing physician. “Self-monitoring is vital component of an efficient and high-functioning healthcare system. This survey shows that this concept resonates with the public and that most respondents are willing to utilize technology to gather this data to improve their health.” Biotricity is focused on delivering biometric monitoring solutions for medical, health care and consumer use.