Brightree, ADSI close loop on oximetry, sleep testing

Friday, February 24, 2017

ATLANTA – Brightree has entered into an agreement to develop ordering and processing capabilities for overnight pulse oximetry and home sleep apnea testing with Advanced Diagnostic Solutions, Inc. (ADSI). Having those capabilities in Brightree’s software will create a “closed-loop diagnostic testing order and result workflow,” Brightree says. It will allow HME providers to order oximetry and sleep testing from ADSI directly in their workflow. Providers will be able to send information electronically through the interface to complete the ordering process, avoiding duplicate data entry and automating inbound results delivery as they order tests and process results. It will replace manual paper submissions done by fax and phone, or through a testing partner’s website. “Via our partnership with Brightree, we have created a solution that will streamline orders and enhance delivery processes, and thereby decrease paperwork and overall expenses,” said Brandon Womack, president of ADSI. “This integration will save HME providers a considerable amount of work and will speed up the entire ordering and results process.”