Ascensia teams up with Dr. Oz

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

PARSIPPANY, N.Y. – Ascensia Diabetes Care has announced a partnership with The Dr. Oz Show to launch a 60-day “Take Charge” Diabetes Challenge. Ascensia is sponsoring the challenge, which is designed to increase awareness of diabetes among the general public and to help encourage better management of the condition. As part of the challenge, which launches during the April 26 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, participants who have diabetes will use Ascensia’s ContourNext One Blood Glucose Monitoring System to monitor their blood glucose; and all participants will use higi, a network of self-screening health stations and an online community platform that is linked to more than 80 health devices, trackers and apps, to monitor their weight and body mass index. The April 26 episode will also highlight the experiences from some of the 60 participants who have already completed the challenge. Members of the public can participate in the challenge by joining at, where they can see if they are eligible to receive one of 1,000 free ContourNext One meters.